Jackson County Police Arrest Man on Drug Charges After Chase

Jackson County Police Arrest Man on Drug Charges After Chase


On April 14, 2017 Reserve Deputy Brad Barker entered the Bells Ford River Bridge Access site in the 6000 block East of State Road 258 at approximately 10:00pm.

Upon entering the property, a passenger car turned its headlights on when Barker drove into the parking area underneath the bridge.

The passenger car sped out of the parking area quickly. Barker followed the car that left the area traveling east on State Road 258, which nearly collided with a passing car that was traveling west on 258.

Once Barker caught up to the vehicle he paced the car at 80 miles per hour. Barker activated his emergency red and blue lights to initiate a traffic stop for exceeding the max speed limit.

The passenger car continued East on 258 into Seymour still traveling in excess of 70 miles per hour. The passenger car disregarded the stop light at 6th and Community continuing east.

The car then turned south onto Chestnut then back east on 5th.

The car then turned north onto Mill Street and then back onto 6th traveling east. The passenger car then disregarded another red light at 6th and Ewing.

The car then turned east back onto 5th disregarding the stop sign at 5th and Broadway. The car sped down 5th Street to Obrien Street, where it again ran the stop sign turning south on O’Brien Street. The car then turned onto 4th Street Road and traveled west for about a block before coming to a stop.

At that time officers were able to detain all subjects in the vehicle. Barker later learned that a back seat passenger reached up and shut the car off and placed it in park, ending the pursuit. The driver, Tim Alan Goff was placed under arrest for charges of Resisting Law Enforcement (Level 6 Felony), Possession of Paraphernalia (Misdemeanor), Possession Marijuana (Misdemeanor), and Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor).

Both of Goff’s passengers were interviewed and released at the scene. Goff will receive citations for his initial speed of 80 miles per hour in a 55 miles per zone and for disregarding the stop signs mentioned above.

Barker was assisted by other members of the Jackson County Sheriffs Department, Seymour Police Department, and the Indiana State Police.