Salem Middle School Closed Tuesday; Waiting On Air Quality Tests

Salem Middle School Closed Tuesday; Waiting On Air Quality Tests


Despite plans to open the Salem Middle School on Tuesday, officials said this evening it will remain closed until Wednesday. 

“We are very sorry to report that Salem Middle School students and staff will not be attending school tomorrow,” Superintendent DL Reed said in an email. “Due to a delay in receiving our air quality clearance report, school will be cancelled for Middle School students only for Tuesday, May 23.”

The school’s basement flooded last Friday night as part of flash flooding around the City of Salem. Although Brock Creek flooded to the east of the school, damaging several sports facilities and fields, the water that flooded the school was from ground water that came from the west of the school. 

Water collapsed the retaining wall near the new gymnasium, and water funneled down the parking lot to a walkway to the basement. 

It quickly filled up and leaked into the basement, which filled up to a level of about 12-15 feet in about five minutes. 

Efforts have been made to remove flood-damaged equipment and dry out the wet facility. As part of that, mold spores and other allergens have to be cleaned and surfaces disinfected. ServPro worked over the weekend and today to clean and disinfect the school and today worked to dry it out. 

An air-quality test had to be administered and must be passed before students can return to school. 

Air quality tests were sent out and results were expected back today. However, by 7:30p , the test results were not back so officials decided to postpone school another day. 

Reed said, “We are putting your child’s health and safety first.  Hopefully we will be back on Wednesday.  We will keep you updated.”