Salem Middle School we be back in session for a normal day tomorrow, Wednesday May 24.

Looking out of the North Dock at the Salem Middle School where up to 15 feet of water flooded in on Friday’s storm in about five minutes.

According to Superintendent DL Reed, “Our air quality test came back clear.”

The school was waiting on that report Monday and didn’t get it until very late in the evening and went ahead and erred on the side of caution and closed the school today.


Here are some answers to questions students and parents may have: 

1) Will these missed days have to be made up?

–No, the State Department of Education has issued a waiver for these days.

2) What if I have Mr. Burton for classes?

–Mr. Burton’s classes will meet in the Math Lab (Room 42) for the rest of the week. He will be speaking with his classes about grades. Don’t worry! He understands that not everyone completed their current stations.

3) Do I still have final tests to take?

–Yes, if your teacher planned a test this week, it will continue on Wednesday and potentially Thursday. Honors students may check Google Classroom announcements for more info or online texts. Tests will be abbreviated versions of the original plan.

4) Is the field day cancelled?

–Yes, fields are not available for use and we will need to move forward with a regular schedule on Wednesday to allow for final classwork.

5) Is the 8th grade program still scheduled for Thursday with “Dress Up” day?

–Yes, the 8th grade program will continue as scheduled at 1:30 and we encourage students to dress appropriately for the occasion. All students are encouraged to wear clothing to honor the 8th grade students on this special last day of middle school.

6) How do I get to classes if I always use the North stairwell (the one by Mr. Early and Mrs. Mahuron)?

–This stairwell will be sealed and not available for use during the last week of school. You will need to plan your routes to go up and down stairs using one of the 3 other stairwells. If you use an elevator, the old elevator is the only one that is available for use.

7) Are the bathrooms closed?

–Only the bathrooms on the North end of the building are unavailable. (Again, by Mr. Early or Mrs. Mahuron’s room. All other bathrooms are available. Shower facilities are also available if needed, if your family does not have working facilities at this time.

8) When do I clean out my locker?

–Lockers will be cleaned out during Arts and Fitness classes on Wednesday (PE/Swim, Health, Art, Agriculture). Books will be collected on Wednesday and Thursday.

9) What if I forgot my Chromebook or charger during turn in time?

–Please bring ALL devices and chargers this week!!

10) Do I still have time to get my files off of the X: drive?

–Yes, but please bring a flashdrive Wednesday or Thursday. All files will be removed beginning Friday.

11) What about my medications at school?

–Parents should pick up medications in the office as soon as possible. If you are unable to pick these up before the last day of school, please contact Tessa King at x.3042 to make arrangements.

12) Where do I go at dismissal?

–All students riding buses should exit the building from the west doors (Activity Center). The exits by the North doors and the New Gym are not available at this time. Students who do not ride buses can exit from their normal doors.