New Member of Sheriff’s Department Is A World Traveler

New Member of Sheriff’s Department Is A World Traveler


The newest member of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department is a world traveler.

Leny is a fifteen-month-old, German Shepherd that was born in Czechoslovakia and brought to the United States where he spent the last three months, training in Becker, Minnesota.

While in Minnesota, Leny received three months of intensive training by Jonathan Portukalian, Owner/Trainer of Artaxias Dog Training of Orleans, Indiana and Stefan Schaub, Owner/Trainer of Staatsmacht Kennel of Becker, Minnesota.

By the way, Leny is the new K-9 member of the Sheriff’s Department, said Sheriff Roger Newlon. 

Leny was trained in obedience, apprehension and narcotic detection and received certification in all three areas.

Leny will continue his training over the next two weeks with trainer Jonathan Portukalian and Leny’s new partner/handler, Sgt. Paul Ginkins.

The two week handler course will give Sgt. Ginkins and Leny a chance to form a bond/working relationship.

wash k92.jpg
Leny with Sgt. Ginkins

After the two week handler course, Sgt. Ginkins and Leny will attend an eight week K-9 school, taught by the Indiana State Police. The eight week course is more in depth and focuses primarily on narcotics detection.

Sheriff Newlon hopes to make Washington County a safer places by utilizing Leny as an investigative tool for local officers, working drug investigations.

Sgt. Ginkins and Leny will soon be on patrol together, working hard to make a difference.

Sheriff Roger Newlon would like to say thank you to everyone who has donated to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Program including Terry Ginkins of T.A. Ginkins Company, LLC, of New Albany, for making a $500 donation to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Program.

Additionally, Walmart donated a kennel for Leny so he could be kept inside the sheriff’s department instead of staying outside in the squad car with the engine running to provide cool air in the summer time and heat in the winter.