Largest Gathering of Indiana-born Astronauts July 15 in Mitchell

Largest Gathering of Indiana-born Astronauts July 15 in Mitchell


Where else on Earth can you see seven Indiana born astronauts in one place? Mitchell, Indiana of course. 

The Galactic Gathering is Indiana largest gathering EVER of Hoosier born astronauts and will be Saturday, July 15 in and around Mitchell,  the birthplace of Mercury Astronaut pioneer Virgil I “Gus” Grissom.

Charlie Walker
David Wolf
Jerry Ross
Joe Allen
Kevin Ford
Tony England
Mark Brown

Astronauts scheduled to be in attendance are: Joe Allen, Tony England, Charlie Walker, Mark Brown, David Wolf, Jerry Ross, and

Also scheduled to appear is Gus Grissom’s youngest son Mark Grissom, Gus’s grandson Cody Grissom, and youngest Brother Lowell Grissom.

This event is being organized by Virgil I Grissom Memorial, Inc. and Grissom’s nephew, Steve.

The Galactic Gathering was also named one of AAA’s Midwest Travel Treasure’s

“The Galactic Gathering is unique in the sense it is the first time in the state’s history this many Hoosier born astronauts will take a stage at any location together,” said Grissom, assistant principal at Mitchell Junior High School.

“All of these men flew on the Space Shuttle Program, but a few were selected during the Apollo Program and served in various capacities for that program. These men are sharp! They all love people and answering questions.”

There will be chances to interact with the astronauts, but tickets are running out. 

Sold out already is the breakfast with the astronauts at Spring Mill State Park. 



Ticket are still available for tours of Gus Grissom 

Boyhood Home and photo opportunities. Tickets can be found at

There will be a public parade through Mitchell at 4:30p and a sold-out symposium at the Mitchell Opera House in the evening.

“They are experts on not only space flight but astronomy, the exploration of space, engineering, and many other topics,” said Grissom. “These men were in the mix of everything and their stories will shed light on the heroine adventures of manned spaceflight.”

Grissom said all of the proceeds will go to fund the Virgil I Grissom Memorial, Inc. whose mission is to keep the legacy of Gus Grissom alive.