5 Year Old Toddler Found Drowned at Brookville Reservoir

5 Year Old Toddler Found Drowned at Brookville Reservoir


Indiana Conservation Officers responded to the Mounds Beach at Brookville Reservoir at 2:49PM reference CPR in progress on a toddler of a possible drowning.

A 10 year old girl was swimming at the beach when she made contact with what she thought was a body. 

She immediately informed her father who swam over and located a toddler under the surface of the water. 

He pulled the toddler to the shoreline where 2 bystanders started CPR. 

Conservation Officers responded within 15 minutes and located the parents, Benjamin and Ofelia Ramirez of Cincinnati, who were already searching for the toddler who had been missing for 5 to 10 minutes.

An ambulance arrived within 10 minutes after officers did and continued CPR to the landing zone for Air Care to arrive and transport.

Air Care arrived and transported the toddler to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  After continued CPR at the hospital the 5 year old juvenile female was pronounced deceased at 4:26PM.

Indiana Conservation Officers requests visitors to our beaches to be aware there are no lifeguards on duty and there is a swim at your own risk policy except Indiana Dunes State Park.  With inherent dangers swim with a friend and/or with a personal flotation device.