37-Year-Old Found Dead in Austin

37-Year-Old Found Dead in Austin


This afternoon at 2:21 pm, the Austin City Police Department responded to 408 West Maple Street in Austin to a deceased male located in the back yard of the residence.

When officers arrived they found the corpse of Devin A. Mulley, 37, from English Avenue in Austin, in the back yard of the residence. 

Mulley lived near the residence where his body was found.

Mulley has a long criminal history, dating back to various traffic violations in 1995, theft, invasion of privacy and others. 

Most recently, Mulley plead guilty to Unlawful Possession of a Syringe in 2015, with a previous conviction of the same thing in 2014. 

It is unknown at this time the cause of Mulley’s death, how long he had been deceased and how long he had been located in the yard of the residence.

There were no obvious signs of trauma located on his body.

The Scott County Coroner’s Office took custody of Mulley’s body and will be further examining the body and performing Toxicology tests.

The Indiana State Police with the assistance of the Austin City Police will be conducting a death investigation to make sure there was no foul play involved.

Assisting Agencies; Jennings Township Volunteer Fire Department, Scott County E.M.S. and the Scott County Sheriff’s Department.

Back in 2015, Mulley, then-35, at his father’s house after he had been brought to the house by his mother.

Mr. Mulley told police that he had advised the younger Mulley that he could stay, but if the father “…ever found another syringe, he would call the police,” the probable cause affidavit related.

On January 18, 2015, Mulley’s sister was taking a load of clean clothes out of the dryer. She found a syringe that was in a cigarette pack.

Early on the morning of January 19, Mulley allegedly awakened his sister around 3 a.m. by turning on a light in her bedroom, where she was sleeping with her five-year-old daughter. The sister reportedly then found a second syringe that had been placed in a bag in a dish drying rack when she went to the kitchen. She had gone downstairs because she said she smelled something burning. Her brother had run out the back door, she said.

When informed about the second syringe, the father made good on his statement and call authorities.

An officer reported that the father said his son had an on-going problem and that he was afraid of his son and his purported drug use. The sister said she was worried that her daughter would find a syringe and harm herself.

Police tried to talk to Mulley, getting a garbled story about “…seeing and speaking with spirits…” and that his father was finding syringes “…in the ditch…” and “…plant(ing) them on Mulley to get him arrested.” He also told officers he did not use needles.

Mulley was taken into custody and transported to the Scott County Security Center in Scottsburg. The probable cause affidavit said Mulley’s arms were photographed because they had marks “…which were consistent with marks caused by the use of a syringe.”