58-year-old Killed in Police Shooting in Booneville

58-year-old Killed in Police Shooting in Booneville


A 58-year-old Booneville man was shot and killed this morning during a confrontation with Booneville City Police. 

The suspect in the shooting has been identified as Marshall Coleman, 58, of Boonville.

According to state police detectives, the 911 call reporting a male with two knives threatening people at Governor Boon Square Apartments came from Coleman’s cell phone.

Coleman resides in the complex and detectives believe Coleman made the 911 call to initiate a confrontation with police.

When officers arrived they didn’t see anyone else outside other than Coleman and no other tenants reported being threatened or injured by Coleman.

Initially, Warrick County Sheriff’s Department 911 Dispatch received a call regarding an individual with two knives that was threatening people at Governor Boon Square Apartments in Boonville.

Two Boonville City Police officers arrived within two minutes and observed a male subject with two knives on the south side of the apartment complex. 

The individual was told to drop the knives, but he refused and kept walking toward the officers.

One officer discharged his Taser several times, but it was ineffective. The individual continued to approach the officers and refused to drop the knives.

The second officer discharged his firearm striking the suspect. 

Officers immediately contacted an ambulance and started to treat the individual for his injuries. He was transported to St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville where he died from his injuries.

Indiana State Police detectives and crime scene technicians are still on scene gathering information. Detectives are still attempting to positively identify the suspect.

The Boonville City Police Officers involved in the incident have been identified as Lt. Mark Hadley and Patrolman Trevor Winters.

Both officers were placed on paid administrative leave until at least Monday.

The autopsy is taking place at this hour and additional information will be released as it becomes available.