Paoli Schools Received Two Threats By Social Media

Paoli Schools Received Two Threats By Social Media


After the first threat came in about 5p Thursday evening, Paoli Community School Officials decided to have a two-hour delay on Friday to figure out if the threat was imminent. 

Later in the evening, another threat showed up on social media and the schools were closed today. 

Sgt. Chad Dick

Indiana State Police Sgt. Chad Dick said law enforcement was able to figure that the post seen locally was a screenshot of a post that originated outside of the area and outside of the country.


“Later in the evening, another post from that same site showed up. That’s when the corporation decided to call school off for the day. For the safety of everyone,” Dick said. 

State Police, Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Paoli Police Department officers have been working with school officials to investigate.

“We are continuing to investigate it,” said Dick. “It’s very complex. With technologies used and it can be very daunting and difficult.”

Dick said parents are encouraged to talk with students. If anyone has information, call the State Police at 812.482.1441. 


Eastern School Corporation closed its doors Thursday after threats appeared online from a foreign app called Saraha and shared through Snapchat. 

“I think this is going to be the same thing,” said Dick. “Sounds like it’s going to be the same thing. I live in Dubois County. On Veteran’s Day, the same thing came out. Once again it’s so difficult when it’s overseas.”


When posed with the question of why these threats would be coming from overseas to schools in rural Indiana, Dick had this to say: 

“Obviously the significance of anyone who’s trying to cause terror is to make people afraid,” said Dick. “What was put out last night was enough to cause the officials to close the school. It was threats to the school corporation. Bad enough for them to cancel school for the day. Terrorists want to instill fear. What better way than to pick on rural communities. Once we’re connected to the world like we are now, things that used to be passed around by paper come from anywhere in the world.”