A five-county consortium consisting of Clark,Floyd, Harrison, Scott, and
Washington Counties is working to help local businesses with childcare for potential employees. 

Local employers struggle on a daily basis to find and retain a quality workforce. National
indicators confirm that this trend will continue for many years to come. In this highly competitive environment, local employers are searching for a competitive edge to recruit talent and decrease turnover.

Recent studies are demonstrating that an innovative approach to early childcare/early learning may be the answer for local employers.

The SoIN4Early Coalition and Align Southern Indiana are hosting a summit on Friday, February 23, from 7:45 a.m. – 10 a.m. to explore how employers can gain a competitive advantage through early childhood education.

This free event will take place at IVY-Tech Sellersburg in the Horseshoe Foundation Community Meeting Room.

“The cost of child care alone creates significant barriers for employers as working parents are forced to make critical decisions regarding their employment vs. the cost of child care,” explains Natalie Brake, Early Learning Indiana’s Director of Capacity-Building.

“Employers often lose valuable employees and the skills they bring which affects competitive advantage, innovation, and profitability. We will discuss key data and the impact on employers’ bottom line today and in the future.”

The goal of the event is to bring business leaders, lawmakers, experts in early learning, and community partners together to discuss the benefits of investing in early learning and the impact of the community investment to the overall economic health of Southern Indiana.

Attendees will learn and discuss:
1. The business case for investing in early learning and the return on investment.
2. The importance of early learning and brain development 0-5 on our future.
3. Current access to high-quality & affordable child care data for our local area and

Employers offering proactive and creative child care solutions significantly increase morale
while recruiting top talent which ultimately impacts the business’s bottom line.

As an employer, these among a host of other critical factors, are the reason for learning more about what you can do today for your employees, and how child care will play a significant role in the overall economic success of Southern Indiana and our overall State.

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