Sheriff’s Department Warns About IRS Phone Scam

Sheriff’s Department Warns About IRS Phone Scam


The Scott County Sheriff’s Department wants to make every citizen within the community aware of the re-occurring phone scam from individuals representing the IRS.

The Scott County Sheriff’s department has received numerous complaints concerning phone calls from individuals representing agents of the IRS.

The complainants have all reported an individual states a warrant will be issued for the complainant’s arrest if they don’t pay an existing amount of back taxes owed by a certain time.

The caller continues to make statements that the local police agencies will be knocking on the doors of the complainant’s residence to take them to jail if the amount is not satisfied. All complainants have reported the same phone number (202) 996-9522 on caller ID.

A call back to that number from our agency states the call is rejected.

Anyone receiving a call of this nature should never give any personal, bank account, or credit card information over the phone.

Any agency of this capacity should have all of your pertinent information and should never have to collect it over the phone.

Anytime an agency such as the IRS is notifying you of an action like this it will be through the mail to either you or your accountant, and should never be by phone.

We would also like to remind you if you have reason to believe any other agency or company is being represented fraudulently please contact our agency or other local law enforcement agencies to inquire as to the legitimacy of the call.

With tax season in full swing the phone, mail, and door to door scams will be on the rise.