Salem Walmart Wins Helen Walton Award; Top Store in Nation For Giving

Salem Walmart Wins Helen Walton Award; Top Store in Nation For Giving


Salem’s Walmart store has beat out every other Supercenter in the United States to win the Helen R. Walton Award for community service, leadership and volunteer work in their community. 

Salem Walmart Manager Mike King took the stage at Walmart’s Corporate Year Beginning Meeting in Texas to accept the Helen R. Walton Award

And they did it within their first year of operation – another first among the Walmart community.

“This is incredible,” said Walmart Manager Mike King. “When i came to Salem, I had a vision to do this. When anything happens in life, it really happens twice. You see it in your mind, and then you make it happen. Getting your people to buy into the vision that you can do something special…it’s like the lottery, why not us?”

“I left the highest volume store in Indiana – in Clarksville – to come to Salem,” said King. “This is the best business decision I’ve made in my life.”

Salem’s store was nominated among hundreds of other Walmarts in America and was among six stores that was considered for the award at this week’s Year Beginning Meeting in Texas. 


Four awards were given to a Supercenter, Neighborhood store, Sam’s Club and Distribution Center. 

The Helen R. Walton Award recognizes the store that sets the standard for being a “store of the community” through charitable giving, associate involvement and volunteerism. 

Stores nominated for this award align community service with the company’s mission to help their associates, customers and communities live better.


Having given thousands of dollars to local civic groups, non-profits, law enforcement agencies and encouraging their associates to give back to the Washington County community, made the Salem Walmart stand out. 

Salem Middle School teacher Dan Mullins started a program at the school to teach young men to wear ties – The Tie Guys were one of dozens of benefactors of Walmart.
Salem Schools Superintendent DL Reed and Savannah Hartsfield visited Walmart recently with some students during filming of a video recently for the Helen R. Walton awards ceremony.
John and Paula Jones took part in Shop With A Cop back in December which was held at Walmart in Salem. Walmart gave discounts and provided other assistance to help buy children in need clothing.

During the grand opening in November 2016, the store gave away $40,000 right away to the Washington County Community Foundation and Salem Police. 

And monthly, Salem’s Walmart donates to dozens of businesses including local police, the animal shelter and makes donations of food to the Washington County Food Bank and is involved with the three school districts in the county and more. 


The store broke records with its grand opening (the most successful opening that day around the country) and was recently named Supercenter of the Year. 

According to Human Resources manager Brad Gilbert, the store recently scored highest in associate engagement in the region. 

“We’re so honored to receive this award. Mrs. Walton had about success. It is not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived,” said Gilbert. “Our associates have been wonderful to want to give back to the community.”