Schools Closed Today Because of Fibertech Smoke

Schools Closed Today Because of Fibertech Smoke


Firefighters are still battling the blaze at Fibertech in Mitchell. In fact, the smoke is so bad schools have been closed today.

Due to a plume of smoke spreading into the North Lawrence Community Schools area, personnel affiliated with the Lawrence County Emergency Management System, the Indiana State Fire Marshall and Superintendent Gary Conner ​felt it was necessary to close schools today, ​for the safety of​ students and staff.

All after school activities and sporting events and practices are also cancelled.

Mitchell Community Schools are closed today as well. 

Marion Township Fire Department Incident Command from the Fibertech fire is advising all residents of Mitchell that are in the path of heavy smoke to stay indoors if at all possible, until further notice. Thursday night official expanded the “shelter in place” to residents north of Mitchell to Yockey Road and those between State Road 37 and Meridian Road.

Firefighters remain on scene this morning trying to contain the massive blaze.

Residents are encouraged to stay indoors to avoid breathing in the smoke.