Police, School Find No Credible Threat at SMS

Police, School Find No Credible Threat at SMS


Salem Police Department and Salem Middle School officials have come to the conclusion that there was no imminent threat regarding a male student who was removed from the school yesterday. 

The parent of the student was contacted Monday afternoon, the student was removed, and the matter has been turned over to Salem Police Department.

Salem Schools Superintendent Dr. Lynn Reed said the student in question did NOT make any threats of harm to anyone, [and] simply responded in a flippant manner to story/inappropriate joke that was being repeated by another student.

“Adults have been concerned for school safety for a very long time and recent events have driven that concern into the thoughts of our children.  Everyone is on heightened alert and I commend students for reporting what they heard — even though they had misinformation,” said Reed. 

“This was corroborated by students actually hearing his comments. His choice of words was unsuitable, but at no time did he make a threat,” said Reed. “This is the information our leadership team at SMS had when they sent him home as a disciplinary measure.”

Reed indicated as the evening progressed rumors grew about why the student was sent home and were spread until one student contacted a teacher and told what she had heard.

“When the administrators at SMS received this information, Salem PD was called immediately (just before midnight)” Reed explained.

“A call informing parents of a safety concern went out this morning,” she said. 

SMS administrators and Salem PD worked in tandem today to track down each rumor at the source. 

All rumors were found to be without merit, said Reed.

“Many thanks go to the Salem PD and our SRO Allison Garloch,” said Reed.