Chip & Fog Seals Scheduled For SR 56 & SR 60

Chip & Fog Seals Scheduled For SR 56 & SR 60


The Indiana Department of Transportation plans to chip and fog seal 44 lane-miles of pavement on State Road 56 and S.R. 60 in Washington County—beginning next Tuesday, May 29.   

S.R. 56        On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 29-30, INDOT maintenance crews are scheduled to chip seal S.R. 56 from S.R. 60 at the west side of Salem to S.R. 337 at Livonia. The route will be fog sealed on June 5.

S.R. 60        On Thursday, May 31, and Monday, June 1, maintenance personnel from INDOT’s Salem unit are scheduled to chip seal S.R. 60 from S.R. 56 on the west side of Salem to the  Washington-Orange County line west of Campbellsburg.  The route is slated to be fog sealed on June 6 and 7.

Chip seals coat the highway with liquid asphalt to seal pavement cracks and protecting the roadbed from ultraviolet rays.  The application extends service life of the roadway, lowers maintenance costs and helps prevent potholes.  Limestone chips cover the fresh asphalt—choking its stickiness and restoring a proper coefficient of friction for motorists’ safety.

Fog seals further overcoat the roadway and lock the aggregate chips in place.

Weather delays would push back these application dates.

Chip seal/fog seal surface treatments are cost-effective ways of preserving pavement and extending service life.  

Every $1 spent saves $6 to $14 “down the road.”