The Quest For School Bus Safety Continues For An Indiana State Trooper

The Quest For School Bus Safety Continues For An Indiana State Trooper


Over the past couple of years Master Trooper Jim Zeser has successfully lobbied to have signs alerting drivers to stop for school buses installed along US 33 in Dunlap, Hively Avenue between Benham Avenue and Main Street in Elkhart, and just last year along US 20, between CR 17 and SR 15.  

Zeser did this, with the help of Dirk Schmidt from INDOT, after seeing that these areas had consistent issues with drivers not stopping for school buses. 

This year Zeser has noticed the amount of traffic increase on US 20 between CR 17 and SR 15 so he came up with the idea to be proactive and have temporary dynamic message boards installed in this area.  Zeser went to Dirk Schmidt with his idea and INDOT had the signs put up along US 20, one for eastbound traffic and one for westbound traffic. The message reads the same as the permanent signs that were installed last year, “all lanes must stop when school bus stops.”  The hope is that these signs grab the attention of the daily drivers in this area and remind them that all lanes must stop when a school bus stops.  

Zeser said, “School safety is very important.  Hopefully these signs stick out and prepare motorists that school buses will be on the road so be prepared to stop.” 

As a reminder Indiana law states that all lanes in both directions most stop for a school bus arm except when the highway is divided by a physical barrier such as a curb or undeveloped median.