Humphrey Bond Set at $90,000; Judge Sets Pre-Trial Date on March 19

Humphrey Bond Set at $90,000; Judge Sets Pre-Trial Date on March 19


A Salem man who stabbed his mother this weekend appeared at his initial hearing this afternoon in front of Circuit Court Judge Larry Medlock and entered a plea of not guilty.

Medlock will appoint a defense attorney at the county’s expense and set the pre-trial conference for March 19 and a tentative date for a jury trial on July 7. 

Humphrey was arrested and jailed on Saturday for stabbing his mother, Jennifer Humphrey, with a knife. 

He tested positive for having cannabinoids (which are found in the cannabis plant) in his system and had a blood alcohol content of .274, almost 3.5 times Indiana’s legal BAC limit of 0.08 percent. 

Deputy Paul Ginkins was called to the Humphrey home at approximately 5:26p after a 911 call came in from Mark Humphrey stating that his wife had been stabbed in the neck by her son. 

Ginkins said Mark Humphrey advised to enter through the back door, which led Ginkins into the kitchen. 

There he found Jennifer lying on her back on the floor between the kitchen and living room. Ginkins said he observed Jordan Humphrey lying next to her with his arms around her. 

Ginkins said Mark Humphrey was straddling Jordan and leaning over trying to apply pressure to the knife wound on the left side of her neck. 

Ginkins informed Mark to continue applying pressure while he advised Jordan to stand up while he was cuffed and sat in a nearby chair. 

Washington County EMS arrived along with Indiana Conservation Officer Neal Brewington, who stayed with Jordan while Ginkins took photographs of the scene and secured the knife, which was located about six feet from Jennifer Humphrey’s feet.

Jennifer Humphrey was stabilized and transported to Baptist Floyd hospital. 

Deputy Ginkins transported Jordan to St. Vincent hospital. Ginkins writes in his report that Jordan repeatedly said, “I just wanted to help her” and that he wanted to help her before she was judged. 

Ginkins said Jordan looked at him and said, “You will be judged and I will be there.”

Humphrey was treated for a small laceration to his left forearm. 

Ginkins said he photographed Jordan and his clothes and upon leaving him in Brewington’s supervision, left to drive to Baptist Floyd to check on Jennifer Humphrey. 

Ginkins said that Brewington reported Jordan asking if his mother was OK and called himself a “piece of shit” and that he “deserved to be locked up.”

Chief Deputy Brad Shepherd transported Jordan to the Washington County Detention Center where he was jailed. 

Ginkins said he arrived at Baptist Floyd before 8p and photographed Jennifer’s wounds and interviewed both her and Mark. 

Jennifer said she and Jordan were sitting in the living room talking about his drinking. 

Jennifer told Officer Ginkins that she told her son that he needed to cut down on his drinking. 

It was at this time she noticed something in Jordan’s back pocked and asked what he had and he displayed a type of switchblade knife, there the knife comes out of the handle. 

She asked him to put it in the gun safe with other weapons and he refused. 

Ginkins said they argued more about alcohol and Jordan sat in the floor next to his mother and told her how glad he was she was his mother. 

He then got up and went to the kitchen. Jennifer told Ginkins the next thing she knew, Jordan had grabbed her around the neck and stabbed her in the neck. 

She said he was holding her down and she couldn’t get up.

After falling to the floor, Jennifer told Ginkins she was able to get the knife away from Jordan and throw it into the living room. 

Mark had been outside but came in through the basement and then upstairs and was able to get Joran off of her, Jennifer told police. 

Mark told police he came upstairs and saw Jordan laying next to Jennifer, crying and saying he was sorry and kissing her head. 

During his interview with the police, Jordan asked to first speak to an attorney. 

It is not known if he had done so before his arraignment this afternoon. 

Jennifer Humphrey was transferred to the University of Louisville Trauma Center to check for possible nerve damage.