Walmart Stores Change Hours to Keep up With Demand

Walmart Stores Change Hours to Keep up With Demand


What could only be called a “Shopping Frenzy” has taken place at local grocery stores, including Walmart, JayC, Ruler and others around the region.

Customers have cleared shelves of toilet paper, hand gel, alcohol, and most everything else in the face of the US being under a National Emergency regarding the Covid-19 pandemic that’s spreading around the world. 

Walmart trucks continue to roll into all stores bringing fresh supplies, but associates are having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked. 

To help with this, the Salem Walmart Supercenter will be changing its operating hours beginning Sunday evening. 
Store manager Mike King, said the store will close Sunday night at 11p and reopen on Monday at 6a.
“We’re going to keep these hours for the time being not just at the Salem Walmart – but all the Walmart stores around the country – so associates can stock and clean the store,”
he said. 
King said this would be the schedule for at least two weeks. At that time, management will re-evaluate.
“We’re not laying anyone off or losing associates,” said HR Director Brad Gilbert. “We’re giving them a chance to catch up, clean and get the store ready for customers so more of what they are looking for will be ready.”
Gilbert and King will be guests on this week’s Coffee Club on WSLM 97.9 FM and WSLM 1220 AM.