What can the Citizens of Scott County, Do and Not Do, during...

What can the Citizens of Scott County, Do and Not Do, during the Governor’s Order to Stay at Home,


On March 23, 2020, Governor Eric Holcomb has issued an executive order mandating Hoosiers to stay at home as the state of Indiana, the United States and the world continue to try and fight the spread of the Coronavirus, (Covid-19). 

This order mandates all Hoosiers unless you work for an essential business or are doing essential activities to stay home.

“It is impossible for me to list every essential business and every essential activity in this news release,” noted Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin. “However, I have attached a copy of the Governor’s Order 20-08 and provided an internet link below. I have also put a partial list of essential and non-essential activities laid out by the state at the end of this news release to assist you. One common question is, “do I have to go to work”. The answer is, “yes”. If you are mandated by your employer to work, then you will not be exempt from this order. If you feel as though you are working and should not be, you should contact the Indiana Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint. The Governor’s order is effective at 11:59 PM on March 24, 2020, and continues until 11:59 on April 6, 2020.”

A list of essential businesses and essential activities can be seen at in.gov/coronavirus

Your role as a citizen of Scott County should be to adhere to this order of the Governor and use common sense.

“Our role as a sheriff’s office is to make sure citizens do adhere to the executive order,” said Goodin. “Please help us by staying home unless you have an essential business. You can rest assured that our Sheriff’s Office is working with all local, state and federal agencies to make sure we are doing everything we can do.”

If any citizen of Scott County needs assistance you can contact the Sheriff’s Office at 812-752-5550.

NON-ESSENTIAL (Partial List) • Automobile dealerships (other than service center) • Beauty salons • Nail salons • Fitness Centers / gyms • Retail clothing and shoe stores • Electronics and appliance stores (with exception to service) • Florist • Furniture stores • Cosmetic stores • Sporting goods stores • Music stores • Jewelry stores • Book stores • Tattoo parlors • Office supply/stationary/gift shops • Libraries

ESSENTIAL (Partial List) • Daycare centers • Auto and appliance repair services • Car rental • Home and garden supply dealers • Bank and financial institutions • Grocery and markets • Gas stations • Liquor stores • Pharmacies • Supercenters and pet store supplies • Curbside and carryout food service