Washington County Schools Feeding Students This Week

Washington County Schools Feeding Students This Week

Washington County Schools will be feeding students this week who are out of school until at least May 1. 
President Donald Trump asked Americans tonight to continue to practice social distancing until the end of April. 
Salem Community Schools will be serving food for any children under 18. 
According to SCS Superintendent Jon Acton, the school will distribute 2 breakfast/2 lunch meals on Monday, March 30 and 3 breakfast/3 lunch meals on Wednesday, April 1.
Please call 812-883-4437 as early as possible on Monday or contact Mrs. Libka at 812-883-3700, extension 4015. 
East Washington School Corporation will begin home meal delivery for students on Tuesday, March 31st.
Please complete the form to order meals by noon on Monday, March 30th so that officials may prepare for Tuesday’s delivery.
The link to the form is below.

According to EWSC Superintendent Dennis Stockdale, breakfast and lunch will be provided all week.

“We will be providing breakfast and lunch for all 5 school days and will deliver those meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week we are out of school due to the Coronavirus situation,” said Stockdale. “We ask that you fill out this form and we will deliver to your child’s bus stop.”

Stockdale asks that someone is watching for the bus during those days and be at the end of the driveway to get the meals.

Stockdale said staff cannot bring meals to the door.

Buses will leave the East Washington Campus at 11:00 a.m. to begin deliveries.

“Please use this start time to estimate the time your child’s bus would/should arrive at your stop,” said Stockdale. “We will travel slowly, but can’t sit and wait for extended periods of time on the road. This is a plan in progress so please watch/listen for School Messenger messages, email, and Facebook for updates.”

Delivery Information: March 31, April 2, April 7, April 9, April 14, April 16, April 21, April 23, April 28, and April 30 (all Tuesdays and Thursdays). East Washington will extend the dates longer if we are not back in school.
West Washington buses will be dropping two meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9-10a. 
Two days of meals will be dropped off on Monday and Wednesday. 
For more information call the school at 812-755-4872 for details. 
The WWSC School Board Meeting scheduled for March 30th has been canceled.
The Eastern School board meeting set for March 31 has been canceled.
Salem’s meeting on April 13 will be done through video conferencing.