14 Total Cases of Covid-19 in Washington County

14 Total Cases of Covid-19 in Washington County


As the number of people getting tested rises in Indiana and around the US, the more positive tests are being reported. 

Two more cases of Covid-19 were reported in Washington County, bringing the total to 14, according to the Indiana State Department of Health. 

No Deaths or recoveries have been reported locally in Washington County.

When asked yesterday, if Indiana had any reports of recovered patients, Dr. Kristina Box, State Health Commissioner did not fully respond to the question but offered this statement regarding negative testing: 

“We have some negatives that have come in but we’re not receiving all the negative numbers from around the state. We have been looking very specifically – We realized that a lot of hospitals were keeping track of how many Covid suspected patients and the number of Covid positive patients they have. about 80 percent of our hospitals are now reporting on that. When we look at it, We have about 41 percent of our ICU beds available. About 30 percent of those beds are being taken up by non-Covid patients and 30 percent by our Covid patients.”

She said she hoped to have more data on recoveries and negative test results in a week or so. 

In the US, 9,311 people have recovered from the virus. 6,086 people have died around the country from Covid-19 and there are 245,646 cases in the US.

According to the ISDH, there are 3,437 total cases in Indiana as of yesterday. There are 101 today deaths and 16,900 tests have been administered. 

Around the WSLM Listening area, here is an update on cases:

  • Lawrence County – 22 total cases (up from 12 yesterday)
  • Jackson County – 25 total cases (up from 19 yesterday)
  • Scott County – 6 total cases (up from 5 yesterday)
  • Clark County – 55 total cases (up from 49 yesterday)
  • Floyd County – 37 total cases (up from 34 yesterday)
  • Harrison County – 23 total cases (up from 18 yesterday)
  • Crawford County – 3 total cases (up from 1 yesterday)
  • Orange County – 5 total cases (up from 3 yesterday)