30 percent of Southern Indiana Covid-19 Tests Have Been Positive

30 percent of Southern Indiana Covid-19 Tests Have Been Positive


Nearly 1000 Covid-19 tests have been administered in Southern Indiana so far. 

997 tests have been given to residents in 10 Southern Indiana counties as of Sunday with close to 30 percent of those being positive.

The total number of positive cases are 297 as of Sunday. 

One of the number one questions being asked is – “Who is being tested” or “Is there a way I can get a test”.

From early on the Indiana State Department of Health has asked that only people with symptoms should seek testing. To get screened on the phone, call 1.317.833.CARE. 

Also, actual “Covid-19 tests” aren’t a physical item you can get at this time. Sites were set up at hospitals to collect specimens and those were sent off to state labs and results were returned between 3-6 days. 

ISDH has now released information on how many people have been tested and here is a list of those numbers in the Kentuckiana area:

As of Sunday, April 5, according to the Indiana Department of Health

Lawrence County

138 Tests, 39 Cases, 5 deaths

Jackson County

132 Tests, 36 Cases, 0 deaths

Jennings County

68 Tests, 35 Cases, 0 deaths

Orange County

55 Tests, 7 Cases, 2 deaths

Washington County

52 Tests, 18 Cases, 0 deaths

Scott County

73 Tests, 8 Cases, 1 death

Clark County

295 Tests, 66 Cases, 4 deaths

Floyd County

260 Tests, 50 Cases, 0 deaths

Harrison County

134 Tests, 33 Cases, 1 death

Crawford County

30 Tests, 5 Cases, 0 deaths