Beware Requests For Donations of PPE; Clark County Health Department

Beware Requests For Donations of PPE; Clark County Health Department


If you are a business in the community and you have been approached for a donation of personal protection equipment (PPE), to include rain ponchos, do not hesitate to ask for a photo ID and ensure they are from a reputable agency.

The Clark County Health Department asks residents to do their due diligence so as not to be taken advantage of.

“Unfortunately, we have heard of people out in the community name dropping and asking for PPE donations from our local businesses,” they wrote in a press release. 

The Clark County Emergency Operations Center is working alongside the Clark County Health Department to procure PPE donations in the community and has a process in place for healthcare providers to request PPE for their facilities.

“The Indiana State Department of Health has prioritized certain facilities and/or response agencies to receive that PPE based on risk, yet we are working diligently to help anyone in need serving the community in various roles. We don’t have any magic wands to that end, yet we are doing our best,” the release noted. 

Additionally, they have an educator working with local facilities on necessary PPE for the need/use in different facilities and response agencies, answering questions, talking through concerns, etc.

Obviously some businesses have gone direct with the hospital, which is completely acceptable. Just, protect yourselves and ask some questions. We very much appreciate the community’s response, and the outpouring of generosity, through this pandemic. Thank You!

If you have any questions to this end, please email or call (812)246-5538.