State Police Investigating a Possible Police Impersonator

State Police Investigating a Possible Police Impersonator


Troopers from the Indiana State Police Indianapolis District are investigating a citizen’s encounter with a possible police impersonator. An unidentified suspect pulled over a victim driving on I-74 westbound between the 99 and 103-mile markers, near the Shelby and Marion County line, on April 19, 2020.

The suspect was driving a black and tan Dodge Charger and activated a full-sized red and blue light bar ’emergency lights’ to conduct a traffic stop on the victim.

The suspect allegedly approached the vehicle from the driver’s side, tapped his flashlight on the window and identified himself as a State Trooper.

The man then requested the victim’s license and registration but never returned to his car with the documents. 

The suspect was described as a black male between five feet, eight inches and six feet, weighing 180 to 200 pounds with a buzzed haircut and mustache.

He was wearing a police uniform consisting of a dark blue long sleeve shirt, dark blue pants, a red tie, badge over the left shirt pocket, and gloves.

His badge was described as an oval with an eagle on top. The victim did not see any other identification, a hat, gun belt or a firearm.

Indiana law requires a police officer to either be in full uniform or a marked police vehicle to conduct a traffic stop. A police officer in plain clothes and an unmarked vehicle is not permitted to make a traffic stop for a traffic violation. 

Anyone with information about this suspect or suspect vehicle is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-232-TIPS (8477)