June 2 Primary Election Updates; Poling Locations Consolidated

June 2 Primary Election Updates; Poling Locations Consolidated


Washington County Clerk Stephanie Rockey wants to update local voters on changes to the spring primary and remind them that registered voters can go to Indianavoters.com and request an absentee ballot. 

The normal election night live reporting will be done via WSLM Radio as the Washington County Courtroom where results are normally read will be closed to the public. 

Also, per the state’s request, the number of polling locations has been consolidated. 

“It’s quick and easy and keeps everyone safe,” Rockey said. 

For those who do not have internet access you may still call our Election & Voter Services office at 812-883-5748 x1128 to request an application by mail.

  • Voter Registration closes at midnight on May 4th.
  • Candidates: May 15th at noon is the deadline to turn in your Pre-Primary report, CFA-4.
  • As of now, In-person Early Voting will take place at our Election & Voter Services Office at the Washington County Justice Center from Tuesday, May 26 – Friday, May 29th from 8 am-Noon and 1 to 4. Saturday, May 30th from 8 am to Noon and Monday, June 1st from 8 am to Noon. COVID-19 CDC guidelines will be strictly adhered to.
  • Election Day is June 2nd from 6 am to 6 pm. 

Please be advised that we have merged some polling locations in compliance with the Secretary of State request.

Polling locations for the June Primary are as follows:

  • Salem Armory- 1100 N Shelby Street- Precincts Salem 1-4
  • Washington County Fair Grounds- 4-H Building- 118 N. Fair Street- Precincts Washington 1-4 and Franklin
  • Campbellsburg Community Building- 125 S. Sycamore Street- Precincts Brown and Vernon
  • Gibson Twp. FireHouse- 571 N. State Road 39- Precinct Gibson
  • Howard Twp. FireHouse- 5279 S. Becks Mill Road- Precinct Howard
  • Jackson Twp. FireHouse- 4330 E. Martinsburg Fire Road- Precinct Jackson
  • Monroe Twp. FireHouse- 8496 N. State Road 135- Precincts Jefferson & Monroe
  • Fellowship Baptist Mission Center (formally Bearcat Civic Center)- 9271 W. US Hwy 150- Precincts Madison & Posey
  • Pekin Town Hall- 75 S. Mill Street- Precincts Polk & Pierce

Regarding the logistics of election night results reporting, Rockey said the County Election Board (with a unanimous vote) has changed the way results will be given this election.

The Washington County Justice Center will be closed to the public on election night. 

The results will still be tabulated precinct by precinct, the CEB will supply reports, (in real-time) to the local media, who will be present.

Rebecca White, Owner and General Manager of WSLM will be announcing the results LIVE on WSLM 97.9 FM, 1220 AM, and live on social media.

The local newspaper will be posting results online and in their next printed edition. 

“We are grateful that our local community media outlets are partnering with our County Election Board in keeping everyone safe but well informed,” said Rockey. “As your County Election Administrator, the health and safety of my voters, election workers, my employees, and our families are my number one priority! I’m advising everyone to stay safe and exercise your right to vote, vote absentee by mail!”


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