Medlock Has 30 Days to Render Decision in Ackerman vs. Green Case

Medlock Has 30 Days to Render Decision in Ackerman vs. Green Case


Today both sides in the Ackerman vs. Green civil suit filed their findings of fact and conclusions in Washington Circuit Court and Judge Larry Medlock now has 30 days to render a decision. 

When the case rested on April 15, Judge Medlock gave both sides until April 30 to submit their final pleadings. 

Medlock said after the parties submitted their paperwork today, he has up to 30 days to render a decision. 

Medlock said the decision will be in written form and he will not call the parties back to court. 

The court case was filed on November 18 in Washington Circuit Court by William “Bill” Ackerman (who was defeated in his Democratic bid for Mayor in November 2019) against Justin Green, who won the election and has been serving as the City of Salem Mayor since being sworn in during a ceremony in late 2019.

The suit alleges that Green was not eligible to run for office because of an issue with his residency. 

Green’s attorney Larry Wilder made a motion twice during the trial asking Medlock to dismiss the case because there wasn’t any credible evidence submitted by Ackerman or his attorney Doug Leatherbury. 

Medlock ruled against that motion on April 17. 

Today after Leatherbury and Ackerman’s paperwork was turned in, Green’s attorney filed two motions in court – to strike the petitioner’s statement of the law and to strike the petitioner’s incorrect statement of law.