Public Can Gather at Justice Center for Drive-In Election Results

Public Can Gather at Justice Center for Drive-In Election Results


Tuesday night (June 2) you’ll be able to drive into the parking lot of the Washington County Justice Center, grab some snacks, and tune to WSLM to hear the LIVE results of the primary election. 

The Washington County Commissioners have given their approval as well as Washington County Clerk Stephanie Rockey. 

“We wanted to do something creative and give those that normally gather to listen to the results the ability to do so in as near a normal manner as possible,” said Rebecca White, owner, and general manager of Salem Media. “The Washington County Election Board usually reads the results but the public won’t be able to come in as they have in years past.”

County buildings remain closed to the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Snacks will be available on a table near the entrance to the Justice Center, courtesy of Walmart. 

“Of course, like any Drive-In, you’ll need to head to the snack bar before the Feature Presentation,” said White. “Grab some chips, candy, and a drink, and enjoy the election results in your vehicle. I will be reading the results live on WSLM 97.9 FM and WSLM 1220 AM, as well as broadcasting, live on social media and” 

White will be joined by Brad Gilbert to present the results after the polls close at 6p. 

The only two races are on the Republican ticket for Coroner and County Council.