East and West Washington Go Back to School on August 5

East and West Washington Go Back to School on August 5


Both East Washington and West Washington Schools are planning to get students back to school on August 5. 

However, both schools (as many others around the country are doing) are opening a virtual option for parents and students to choose. 

East Washington’s RETURN TO LEARN plan can be found at https://sites.google.com/ewsc.k12.in.us/ewsc-return-to-learn/home?authuser=0

Enrollment is currently underway there for Elementary, Middle and High School students. 

West Washington’s Virtual Option enrollment can be found here – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXk67dV-5Mv2YxPcqf_n5MPb6A4Q8u9pSxP34bULK7IDPKLg/viewform

“As we prepare for the beginning of school we need to make adjustments to transportation,” noted West Washington Superintendent Keith Nance. “We recognize that the social distance on a school bus will be difficult to achieve. As a part of our reopening plan, we are limiting the number of students allowed on a bus.”

Students will be required to wear a mask on the bus at most schools, including East and West Washington.

“In addition, we are asking parents that are able to transport their children to and from school to do so,” said Nance. “If you are going to transport your child to school please call us at 812-755-4872 to let us know so we can plan our transportation accordingly. We only need those that ARE going to transport their children to call.”

East Washington Superintendent Dennis Stockdale said mask would be required of all students and staff. 

“We require all students and staff to bring a mask to school to be used as necessary where social distancing is not possible (i.e. passing periods),” he said. 

Disposable masks, cloth masks, bandanas, and neck buffs are all-sufficient. 

Face shields are an acceptable alternative. 


Masks will be encouraged, but not required, in classrooms where social distancing can occur. 

Face masks will be required when being transported on a school bus for any activity.


Stockdale said any designs or wording on the masks must be school appropriate. 

In addition, the school day will be shortened with dismissals as follows:


  • Elementary Students will be dismissed at 2:15.
  • Middle School Students will be dismissed at 2:30.
  • High School Students will be dismissed at 2:30.


No visitors will be allowed to come in the buildings during the school day until further notice.

West Washington will be having an open house for incoming 7th-grade students.

All other students grades 8 to 12 will have a virtual open house option. 

Here are useful videos from East Washington staff on what a day will look like for students — https://sites.google.com/ewsc.k12.in.us/ewsc-return-to-learn/traditional-option?authuser=0

Each school has its own list of instructions and frequently asked questions for parents and students.