A staff member at East Washington School Corporation has tested positive for Covid-19, according to Superintendent Dennis Stockdale. 

He said a possible positive test of a second staff member with the virus could come very soon. 

“We have been so fortunate, since our start date of August 5th to have no positive case from the coronavirus,” he said in a letter issued this afternoon. 

He said the positive result affects the middle and high schools only. 

Salem School Corporation had a positive staff member which delayed school from an August 5 start to August 17. 

West Washington School Corporation reported two students with positive Covid-19 last week. The students were siblings and both are in the elementary (2nd & 4th grade).

The Senator students had not been in the building since August 7 and did not experience any symptoms. The first symptoms a household member experienced were on August 8. 

The middle and high school students will be transitioned to remote learning for the next two weeks so the buildings can be deep cleaned, sanitized, and prepared for the students’ return. 

This will be effective beginning Thursday, August 20. 

All middle and high school students will need to stay home and not return until Thursday, Sept. 3. 

“We ask that all students self-monitor, while at home, for possible symptoms,” said Stockdale. “Should the time need to be extended, the information will be communicated prior to Sept. 3.”

Stockdale said East Washington Elementary students will continue school in-person at this time. 

“The goal with doing this is to keep the elementary-aged students in school as long as possible due to their young age and the need for one-on-one instruction as they learn to read and develop math skills,” said Stockdale. 

“Should a positive case arise at the elementary school, we will close that building and implement the proper protocol,” he said. 

“We appreciate your understanding and support during this challenging time as we face difficult decisions,” he said.