Residents of Washington County may have recently received mailings about absentee voting sent and Washington County Clerk Stephanie Rockey wants everyone to know they were not sent out by her office. 
“My office did not send these out,” she noted in a message recently. “These mailers are sent out by parties and organizations with every election. There will be more to come!”
She pointed out the following:
  • They are Absentee applications to vote by mail.
  • If you have already requested and/or completed an Absentee application, DO NOT complete a mailer and send it to us! This creates more work for our office.
  • If you would like to vote by mail and haven’t contacted our office, then complete the mailer and send it into us.
  • If you don’t want to vote by mail and/or have already completed and Absentee application – Then shred the mailer.
  • FACT: You can send in multiple applications, but you will only receive ONE ballot!
  • In the State of Indiana and our county, we have a safe and secure process that is strictly adhered to in our county!
  • As your Election Administrator, I uphold the process with the utmost integrity! Everyone has earned the right to vote, how they want to cast their ballot, it is strictly your choice!
  • There is a lot of “passion” with this election and with that confusion! Please call our office at (812) 883-5748 with any questions- we want you to feel secure no matter how you want to cast your ballot!