Threats to Bus Driver Leads to Jail Time

Threats to Bus Driver Leads to Jail Time


On November 9, 2020, First Sergeant John Hartman began an investigation after Scott County School District #2 contacted the sheriff’s office because of a threat made to one of their bus drivers.

The investigation involved a parent of one of the students riding on the bus. The parent, Charles Linne, 35, of Austin, entered onto the bus while it was stopped on a county road in southern Scott County, dropping off children.

When he entered onto the bus to start a confrontation, he was told to exit the bus by the bus driver. Charles Linne then made verbal threats of violence towards the bus driver before exiting the bus.

First Sergeant Hartman concluded his investigation and turned it into the Scott County Prosecutor’s Office.

After review, an arrest warrant was issued for Charles Linne on November 16th. He was charged with two counts of Intimidation and Escape/Flees from Lawful Detention with a Prior. 

Charles Linne was arrested on the same day the arrest warrant was issued by the Austin Police Department on separate charges and is currently incarcerated at the Scott County Jail. 

Sheriff Goodin stated, “Threats towards others will not be tolerated, especially in the presence of children and anyone who does this should expect the same outcome as happened to Charles Linne.”