Incident at Salem Middle School Results in Student Removed

Incident at Salem Middle School Results in Student Removed


Salem Community Schools Superintendent released a statement this afternoon to the media and to parents regarding an “incident” at Salem Middle School Thursday. 

According to Jon Acton, an SMS student has been removed from school pending an ongoing investigation for bringing a weapon to school.  

Acton says the weapon was not a gun but doesn’t detail what it was or what grade the student was that brought the item.

Acton says in the letter that the SMS Administration worked in conjunction
with the Salem School Resource Officer to quickly and safely address the situation. 

“We are grateful for student assistance in providing tips per the illegal activity,” wrote Acton. “We will be pursuing the maximum disciplinary action allowable by Indiana Law.”

A rumor of a gun being on campus was investigated and found to be inaccurate, Acton said. 

“Salem Community Schools takes the safety of our students and staff seriously and has zero tolerance for illegal activity on school grounds at any time,” said Acton.