Washington County Clerk Stephanie Rockey said the office has partnered with Indiana-based PayGOV.US to process electronic payments.

The office joins a growing number of Indiana counties that have selected PayGOV.

The program will continue to allow customers to pay with credit or debit.

Rockey led the effort to find a vendor with experience serving government clients.

The expanded payment capability offers customer convenience.

“By partnering with PayGOV, the county will better serve residents with cutting-edge technology without bearing the cost,” said Rockey.

Customers can pay online via the county’s website at: and
via PayGOV’s Mobile app. The Pay Location Code or PLC is 38454.

PayGOV.US, a leading provider of electronic payment options is a Certified MWBE based in
Indianapolis, Indiana.

They were a “2009 Indiana Companies to Watch” Award Winner and have similar agreements with government entities and utilities in over 46 states.