Walmart Gives $2500 Grant For Police Trauma Kits

Walmart Gives $2500 Grant For Police Trauma Kits


Salem’s Walmart recently donated $2500 Walmart for the purchase of trauma kits and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department contributed the same amount. 

The trauma kits provide critical life-saving medical components for self-aid or to assist other officers and victims in the event of severe hemorrhage and/or penetrating trauma. 

Items in the kit are packaged in a compact tactical individual first aid kit pouch and include nitrile gloves, a combat application tourniquet, rapid hemostatic gauze, an emergency trauma dressing, hyfin compact vent chest seals, nasopharyngeal airway, a hypothermia blanket, and EMT shears. 

“These compact trauma kits really can be life-saving.  They will help support officer safety and allow for a quicker triage response in the field for the public,” said Miller.  

In addition, training in how to use the items included in the kits was provided to our officers by the Southeast Indiana Regional SWAT Team.  

“I am pleased we were able to not only get these kits in the hands of our officers, but we also have received training on how to use them in the field.  I want to thank Walmart for their contribution and the Southeast Indiana Regional SWAT team for our training,” said Sheriff Brent Miller.