Building a Healthier Washington County

Building a Healthier Washington County


Wish you could do more to prevent chronic disease?   Connections IN Health, a team through the Indiana CTSI, is getting to know the Washington County community to find out the interests and goals of community members related to chronic disease. 

Focus areas include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, nutrition, food security, physical activity, asthma, cancer, and health equity. If you know someone suffering from any of these chronic diseases, you are aware of the devastation these illnesses can have on individuals and their loved ones. 

If someone were willing to give your community the boost it needed to address
these issues by providing resources, support, and notable funding ($10,000 available to address cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes), would you do your part to ensure this happened? 

Well, here is your chance by acting now!   

The engagement of Washington County begins in Summer 2021.   It all starts with a very simple survey where you can provide input and indicate if you are willing to have a conversation with the team to share more insight regarding health-related matters in Washington County. 

The team will be using the survey to guide their efforts.  Connections IN Health will work alongside existing community partners/programs and individuals in order to improve and reach the community’s health goals, share resources, and build networks throughout the county. 

If you are interested in participating, complete the survey using this link: The Connections IN Health team will start contacting those who wish to share more information in a listening session this summer.  Still have questions or want to know how to get a paper copy of the survey? 

Contact your local Washington County team members at Purdue Extension by emailing Sonya H Mitchell, Health and Human Sciences Educator, at  or Katelyn Kutemeier, Community Wellness Coordinator, at, or call us at (812) 883-4601 with any additional questions or requests.  

Let us know how Washington County would benefit most by being a part of this effort to bring resources, connections, opportunities for further networking, and evidence-based tools to support this team effort to build a healthier Washington County.  We need you in order to make the most of this wonderful opportunity!