Two Sellersburg Troopers Recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Two Sellersburg Troopers Recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving


Earlier this morning in Bloomington, the Indiana chapter of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) recognized Trooper Justin Mears and Trooper Morgenn Evans from the Sellersburg District for their extraordinary efforts in removing impaired drivers from Indiana roadways. 

National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) data shows nearly 30 people die every day across the United States in drunk driving crashes. That staggering number averages one preventable death every 50 minutes, making the efforts of Troopers Mears and Evans even more commendable. 

Trooper Mears is an 8-year veteran of the Indiana State Police(ISP). He has been recognized as one of ISP’s top five OWI enforcement officers for the past three years, amassing over one hundred impaired driving arrests for each of those years. Trooper Mears is also a certified Drug Recognition Expert and Standard Field Sobriety Instructor, assisting and training other officers across the state. 

(L-R) Captain Anthony Scott, Trooper Justin Mears, Lieutenant Christopher Keeton.

Trooper Morgenn Evans has been an ISP Trooper for five years. The Indiana State Police recognized trooper Evans as a member of the top five Troopers for impaired driving arrests. In his short time as a Trooper, Evans has received the Combat Action Award and a Purple Heart, both earned during the apprehension of an impaired driver.

(L-R) Captain Anthony Scott, Trooper Morgenn Evans, Lieutenant Christopher Keeton.


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