Summer Seal Coat Operations Scheduled to Begin in July

Summer Seal Coat Operations Scheduled to Begin in July


The Indiana Department of Transportation announces summer seal coat operations beginning district-wide in July.

Depending upon weather conditions, INDOT crews will begin seal coat operations on State Road 257 in Pike County beginning on or around Monday, July 19. Multiple locations are scheduled for seal coat operations, with work scheduled to last 5-6 weeks district-wide, depending upon weather conditions.

Typically seal coat operations in one location will last for about four days depending upon weather conditions and will be performed under a full road closure. This method greatly reduces the risk of property damage, allows the work to be performed more efficiently, increases safety for crews on sight, and allows for a better-quality finished product.

During seal coat, workers will set small stones in an asphalt emulsion, or a bonding agent, which is, then cure for up to two days. The next step is to fog seal the road by applying a light layer of asphalt that seals the stones. After seal coat operations are complete, any loose aggregate will be swept away from the road.

Seal Coating, on average, extends the life of the pavement by three to five years. For every $1 spent on sealcoat, taxpayers save $6-14 in future road rehabilitation and construction costs. Roads are chosen for this process based on surface type, condition, and age. Motorists should remember to slow down, increase following distance, obey all work zone signs, and plan for extra time to get to their destination.

The 2021 summer seal coat schedule is as follows (all dates are weather dependent):

  • Monday, July 19: S.R. 257 from Stendal town limit to S.R. 64. (Pike County)
  • Thursday, July 22: S.R. 162 from Gentryville town limit to U.S. 231. (Spencer County)
  • Tuesday, July 27: S.R. 66 from S.R. 69 to S.R. 165 (Posey County)
  • Wednesday, Aug. 4: S.R 56 from U.S. 231 to S.R. 545 (Dubois County)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 10: S.R. 56 from U.S. 150 to S.R. 337 (Orange County)

INDOT urges drivers to slow down and stay alert near crews.