Washington County APS Receives $1800 Grant From Foundation

Washington County APS Receives $1800 Grant From Foundation


The Washington County Community Foundation recently provided an $1800 grant so Adult Protective Services (APS) can provide lifesaving tracking devices for up to four vulnerable adults in the community free of charge.  

According to Washington County Prosecuting Attorney Dustin Houchin, 
his office serves as the APS hub for a four-county region. 

Houchin was grateful for the donation, which will add four more devices to his office, bringing the total to 7.

“This funding makes it possible to provide four additional devices for families in our county,” said Houchin. “This gives our first responders the
ability to locate a lost loved one more rapidly, and we know that in some cases those minutes save lives.”

Project Lifesaver program allows community members who have elderly family members or adults and children with intellectual or developmental
disabilities to apply for a device that will help locate the family member if they wander off. 

Houchin said these devices can allow families to have the least restrictive living environment for their loved ones; allowing an alternative to a nursing facility. 

“I want to thank the Community Foundation for supporting Project LifeSaver in Washington County.  It provides peace of mind for these families and that is priceless,” said Houchin. 

There are four starter kits currently available in the community. 

To sign up, contact Amanda Yake at 812-883-5988 or Cpt. Joe Keltner at 812-883-5999. 

Once they are contacted, Keltner or Yake will go to the applicant’s residence and confirm the need for the service, fill out the necessary paperwork, and if the individual qualifies, place the transmitter the same