Floyd County Issues Mask Mandate For K-6 Schools

Floyd County Issues Mask Mandate For K-6 Schools


Effective August 6, 2021, the Floyd County Health Department will mandate /require masks for all Floyd County students attending classroom instruction at public, private, parochial and charter schools for grades Kindergarten through 6th.  

Masks will also be required for all grades at indoor, high density events where social distancing may not be practical.  

Masks are not required for outdoor sports or play.  The duration of this order is 31 days, and may be broadened or extended based on community and school incidence as well as other factors.

The Delta variant is a significant Public Health threat to the community, according to Floyd County Heath Officer Dr. Thomas Harris.

In just 3 months this strain has increased from 5% of cases to over 80% of cases, he noted.

Five out of six new infections are Delta Variant.  The viral load of the Delta Variant is 1000 times that of the initial COVID-19 type.  

The Delta Variant spread caused the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to cancel its original no mask policy for vaccinated students at school.  

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of the in-classroom model of education for elementary school age children.  

“Since they are currently too young to vaccinate, an aggressive masking program is our current best option to keep students under 12 in the schoolhouse,” Harris said.

“Our community is working together to vaccinate citizens 12 and up.  Now is the time to get the COVID-19 immunization,” said Harris. 

The mask mandate is in effect for 31 days. Health officials say it could be extended based on spread in the community.