Indiana State Police A.C.E.S. Pair with Bloomington Police for Targeted Patrol

Indiana State Police A.C.E.S. Pair with Bloomington Police for Targeted Patrol


The Indiana State Police Bloomington District A.C.E.S. (Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Section) recently paired with the Bloomington Police Department narcotics division to conduct targeted patrols of identified high crime areas inside the city of Bloomington. This patrol was conducted for six hours each day, from Monday, August 23rd through Thursday, August 26th. This collaborative effort was designed to remove illegal drugs and firearms out of the community, focusing especially on the illegal sale/distribution of the drugs.

This patrol proved to be extremely successful, with two suspects arrested for dealing methamphetamine, one arrested for dealing heroin/narcotic drug, and one arrested for dealing marijuana. In addition, one suspect was arrested for a dealing heroin/narcotic warrant and multiple suspects were arrested for possessing methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, and handguns. 

Marijuana violators were cited and released for their possession offenses. Two suspects also faced charges for resisting law enforcement after brief struggles with the arresting officers.

The following activity was generated during this patrol:

Total Activity                                                                              

Cases Investigated – 26                                                                 

Criminal Defendants – 35                                                             

Criminal Arrest Charges – 84                                                       

Felony Arrest Charges – 33                                                          

OWI Arrests – 1                                                                                                                                                                             

Drugs Seized

Methamphetamine – 26 grams

Heroin/Fentanyl – 18 grams

Marijuana – 54 grams

Synthetic – 3 grams

Syringes – approximately 300

Handguns – 1

Indiana State Police Sergeant Greg Day praised the work of his ACES team and the Bloomington Police Department. He stated, “We have a long-standing, great working relationship with Bloomington PD narcotics detectives. We all work very well together, and the results of this patrol demonstrate what this successful partnership can accomplish. Anytime drug dealers are arrested and illegal firearms are removed from the streets, our communities are safer.”

Participating Troopers of the ACES included: Sgt. Greg Day, Trp. Caleb Garvin, Trp. Chance Humphrey, Trp. Allen Deel, Trp. Ian Portteus (K9 Czar), Trp. Richard Klun (K9 Loki), and Trp. Matt Hatchett (K9 Axe). In addition, Trp. Zach Parker and Trp. Nathaniel Kern (K9 Magill) also assisted.