59-Year-Old Salem Woman Struck in Road

59-Year-Old Salem Woman Struck in Road


Officer Tyler Gregory with the Salem Police Department said a 59-Year-Old Salem woman was struck by a vehicle early Friday morning while she was in the middle of East Hackberry Street.

A press release issued late Friday night indicated that her injuries “were consistent with at least one broken leg.”

Gregory said the police department had been dispatched to the area of East Hackberry Street about 2:52a Friday in response to a woman who was possibly hit by a vehicle. 

EMS was called at 2:53a to respond near the gas station near Anson Street. 

“When I got there there was a concerned citizen who was pulled over and had called 911 and he began to render aid,” said Gregory. 

Police said they arrived at the scene along with Washington County EMS who cared for the woman.

He did not know when the victim was struck and didn’t know where she was taken or didn’t know her condition at this time. 

Her name was also not released. 

The incident is still under investigation.