Sellersburg Troopers Honored at Awards Ceremony in Indianapolis

Sellersburg Troopers Honored at Awards Ceremony in Indianapolis


Friday, November 12, 2021:  The Indiana State Police held their annual awards ceremony on Friday afternoon to recognize troopers and state police civilian employees throughout the state for various accomplishments and awards.  The ceremony was postponed several times due to COVID restrictions. ISP employees were recognized for their service, bravery, and devotion to the department and the citizens of Indiana.  

From the Sellersburg State Police Post the following officers were recognized:

Master Trooper Nathan Abbott, Master Trooper Matthew Busick, Master Trooper William Hannon, and Master Trooper (Retired) Kevin Fisher, each received the Combat Action Award for their actions on June 24, 2013.  On that date, the Sellersburg City Police Department requested assistance with a subject that was in possession of a firearm, had pointed it at officers, and was running through yards in an attempt to elude capture. 

At approximately 1230 p.m., Trooper Abbott and K-9 Kilo were conducting a building search at a residence where the suspect was last seen and where the back door had been broken into. Trooper Abbott gave loud verbal commands at the back door, stating that he was sending the dog inside. 

Once S/Trooper Abbott released K-9 Kilo, S/Trooper Abbott went into the house, followed by M/Trooper Matthew Busick, M/Trooper William Hannon and M/Trooper Kevin Fisher. A short time after K-9 Kilo was released to search the residence, K-9 Kilo began barking in the bedroom area toward the back of the house.

 K-9 Kilo barked a second time when several gun shots rang out coming from the rear room.  The suspect shot K-9 Kilo and then immediately shot several times down the hallway toward the officers in the kitchen area.

When the gun shots started, all four Troopers exited the home and took up cover positions around the house.  After several hours of the suspect shooting from the house and a long stand-off, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody.

Trooper Justin Mears received both the 2020 Sellersburg District DUI Award as well as the DUI Life award which is presented to the top 5 Troopers each year in recognition of total DUI arrests.  Trooper Mears was recognized for exceeding expectations by removing 100 impaired drivers off Indiana Roadways in 2020. 

Trooper Clay Boley was recognized as the 2020 Sellersburg District Trooper of the Year.  Trooper Clay Boley was appointed to the department in December of 2019.  After completing his field training, he was assigned to 3rd shift patrol in Clark and Floyd Counties. During 2020, Trooper Boley arrested 51 impaired drivers, 35 for controlled substances, 4 habitual traffic violators, investigated a child molestation and numerous other case reports.  Trooper Boley accomplished this during a national pandemic which added great stress and obstacles to completing investigations and everyday policing activities.   Lt. Chris Keeton, the commander of the Sellersburg Post, further stated that Trooper Boley is a quiet, self-reserved, and a humble trooper and that Trooper Boley is usually one of the first troopers on scene to back up a fellow officer, no matter what agency.