Terrell Sentenced to 30 Years on 2019 Charges Involving Explosives

Terrell Sentenced to 30 Years on 2019 Charges Involving Explosives


A Washington County man was sentenced Nov. 22 to 30 years on charges in a 2019 case involving threats and explosives, said Prosecutor Dustin Houchin.

Darren R. Terrell, 49, was sentenced in Washington County Circuit Court to four years on the charge of a convicted felon in possession of a handgun, a Level 4 felony,  and 26 years on the possession of a destructive device or explosive, a Level 2 felony. The sentences are to be served consecutively.

The judge suspended four years and Terrell will receive credit for 1,009 days already served.

“This was a serious case that posed a very real threat of injury or death to the defendant’s own mother,” said Prosecutor Houchin. “This sentence sends a clear message that such behavior will be taken seriously and prosecuted accordingly.”

The incident began Oct. 22, 2019, when Terrell threatened to blow up his mother’s house and her vehicle, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Terrell had told his mother to leave the house, but warned her not to start her vehicle because it was rigged with explosives and would blow up if she started it.

When police arrived, Terrell was in the basement of the Martinsburg Road home.

Terrell had outstanding warrants and had told his daughter he was not going back to jail, but planned to create havoc on his motorcycle leading to a suicide by cop scenario,

While officers were at the home, they heard a motorcycle start inside the garage.

The door opened and Terrell rode out on a Harley Davidson, ignoring the uniformed officers’ orders to stop. He was able to evade law enforcement’s pursuit.

On Oct. 24, Sheriff Brent Miller was contacted by Terrell who told him he had 28 sticks of explosives.

In a good faith effort, Terrell told Miller where 10 sticks of dynamite were hidden, adding he would tell officials where the other 18 sticks were if Miller would ensure all charges against him were dropped.

Police and an ATF officer located the 10 sticks of explosives where Terrell said they would be.

On Oct. 27, police caught up with Terrell, who had crashed his motorcycle.

After being medically cleared he was arrested. The following day officers located 19 sticks of dynamite hidden on property behind a barn.

Terrell was sentenced after previously entering a plea agreement in the Washington Circuit Court.