Houchin Announces Plans To Run For Hollingsworth Seat After Exit

Houchin Announces Plans To Run For Hollingsworth Seat After Exit


Sen. Erin Houchin (R-Salem) has announced her intention to seek the Republican nomination for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District in the 2022 election on the eve of Indiana Republican US Congressman Trey Hollingsworth’s announcement he would not seek re-election this year.

Hollingsworth, who defeated Houchin in her bid to take the congressional seat back in the 2016, announced Wednesday that he would keep his word about term limits and would not seek re-election this year. 

Hollingsworth has served three terms in the office to represent Indiana in Washington. He had argued for strong term limits and said he made a pledge to limit himself to four terms.

Houchin was first elected to the Indiana Senate in 2014, defeating Richard D. Young, the incumbent. She represents District 47. She ran against Hollingsworth in 2016 but was deafened in the May primary. 

“The problem of politicians using their office to catapult themselves to another office, to a Committee assignment, or to a high-paying lobbying job is the misaligned incentive that tears at the most fundamental promise of democracy: elected officials represent electorates,”Hollingsworth wrote in an Indianapolis newspaper editorial.

“As a proven conservative fighter, I have always stood up for our Hoosier values and individual liberties, protected our Second Amendment rights, defended the unborn, and protected the integrity of our elections,” said Houchin. “I’ve fought to keep our families and communities safe, standing firm with the brave men and women in law enforcement and holding criminals accountable for their actions.”

“My conservative record demonstrates that the 9th District can count on me to stand up to the radical Left and the Biden agenda that has led to disastrous issues at our southern border, the highest inflation in 40 years, and a liberal laundry list for more spending that the country cannot afford.”

“Now is the time for proven conservative leadership to re-take the House of Representatives, and our country, and I look forward to joining the fight.”

Since her election to the Indiana Senate, Houchin has voted for honestly balanced budgets, resisted burdensome regulations and tax increases, and supported our local communities and small businesses. She authored legislation that expanded access to affordable and efficient broadband services in Indiana’s rural, underserved communities and worked to guarantee every Hoosier child receives a quality education and parents have the freedom to choose what is best for their children in the classroom.

Houchin has maintained a 100 percent voting record on Right to Life issues and was endorsed by Indiana Right to Life and the National Rifle Association in her previous campaigns.

Houchin lives in Salem with her husband, Dustin, and their three children.