Latest Filings for Washington County Primary

Latest Filings for Washington County Primary


According to Washington County Clerk Stephanie Rocky, the following new filings were received on Wednesday:

  • Roy M. Dick- Jackson Twp. Adv. Board- Democrat
  • Thomas Guthrie- Brown Twp. Adv. Board- Democrat
  • Sherry L. Wingler- Assessor- Republican.

The deadline to file to run for party nomination in the primary election on Tuesday, May 3 is February 4 at noon.

Others who have filed to run include: 

  • Gary D. Chastain- Brown Township Advisory Board- Democrat
  • Marnie Bennett- Jefferson Township Trustee- Democrat
  • Kathleen Zelivetz- Howard Township Trustee- Democrat
  • Todd Ewen- Commissioner, Dist. 2- Republican
  • Marvin Butch Jenks- Posey Township Advisory Board- Republican
  • Ken Armstrong- Posey Township Trustee- Republican
  • P Matthew Incantalopo- Jackson Township Trustee- Republican
  • Jerome Jacobi- Posey Township Advisory Board- Democrat
  • Wayne Blevins- Sheriff-Republican
  • Kyra Stephenson- Auditor- Republican
  • Larry W. Medlock- Circuit Court Judge- Republican
  • Brent Miller- Sheriff- Republican
  • Joshua G. Anderson- Washington Township Trustee- Republican
  • Steven L. Anderson- Franklin Township Trustee- Republican
  • Marsha Guthrie- Vernon Township Trustee- Democrat

On the ballot this year are the following positions:

  • US Senate

Indiana State

  • Secretary of State
  • Auditor of State
  • Treasurer of State
  • State Senator #47
  • State Rep. #73

Washington County:

  •   Assessor
  •   Auditor
  •   Circuit Court Judge
  •   Superior Court Judge
  •   Prosecutor
  •   Sheriff
  •   Recorder
  •   District 2 Commissioner
  •   Council Dist. #1
  •   Council Dist. #2
  •   Council Dist. #3
  •   Council Dist. #4
  •   Township Trustees
  •   Township Advisory Board Members
  •   Town of Campbellsburg Clerk-Treasure
  •   Town of Campbellsburg Council Member
  •   Town of New Pekin Clerk- Treasurer
  •   Town of New Pekin Council Member At-Large
  •   Town of Saltillo Clerk-Treasurer
  •   Town. of Saltillo Council Member

School Boards:

Salem:  3 At-Large Seats

East Washington: Franklin Twp., Pierce Twp. and Jackson Twp.

West Washington: Brown Twp, Howard Twp., the Town of Campbellsburg and an At-Large seat.

These positions will only appear on the fall ballot.