Salem Boil Water Advisory Continues

Salem Boil Water Advisory Continues

In a press release issued Sunday afternoon, Salem’s Boil Water Advisory is continuing, with some explanation of why it was issued. 
“As a result of pump limitation and malfunction, water levels in storage became short,” noted the release. “With crews of engineers working non-stop since the issue was first discovered, a resolution has been found.”
Mayor Justin Green said the “issue” was first discovered on Saturday, January 29.
The City’s alert system had been sending out messages throughout the week about low water pressure to the North of Salem and residents were reporting low to no pressure. 
“As water consumption is occurring, storage and pressure are improving. The very cold temperatures have made quick progress more difficult.  The boil water advisory remains in effect and will be updated once all areas improve.  Water quality is testing good, but some areas may show discoloration,” the statement reads.
In a release issued from the City of Salem on Saturday morning, the release stated that the boil water advisory was not mandatory. 
WSLM learned from East Washington Rural Water Corporation Superintendent Nathan Risen that parts of the Pekin area are also under a boil water advisory. 
Risen said customers with account #’s beginning with 131, 132, 133, 135, 136, 137 were part of the advisory and should bring to a boil any water they cook with or drink as a precaution due to a water outage.
Risen said Sunday morning that the boil water advisory could last until at least Tuesday, Feb. 1. 
“Since restoring and throughout last night and today we are seeing continuous improvement,” noted Houchin’s release. “Water pressure to storage is being maximized now.  We will update the boil water advisory when it is cleared.”
“We appreciate your patience and again thank our crews who have been working continuously to restore service,” said the release.
As a reminder, City of Salem residents can sign up for telephone alerts by contacting the City of Salem Water Department.  
Those texts, emails, and phone alerts are abbreviated versions of the above information. 
Mayor Green first announced the alert system after another incident with the water system in July 2021. Around October 1, 2021, Green told the public how to sign up for the service. 

Green encouraged every household to sign up to receive these important alerts. 

“You may sign up to receive these alerts from the City of Salem in any of the following manners: text message, voice call, and or email.  Each household can register up to 4 phone numbers and 4 email addresses.  All you need to do is:

  1. Go towww.reachalert.comand click on Sign up.
  2. Enter Salem as the network name.
  3. Follow the prompts and enter your preferred contact information.
  4. Select Resident or Business”

He said if residents opt to receive text alerts, Reach Alert will send a text message to their cell phone immediately upon completion of their registration.

Green instructed to enter the 4-digit number on the registration screen and then click the word VALIDATE.

“If you do not receive this message, please call Reach Alert,” he said. 

If you do not have access to a computer or if you experience any difficulty registering, please contact REACH Alert at (877) 307-9313 or call the water utility office at (812) 883-3937. 

Green said the city had some customers’ information already, but some files need updated phone numbers.  Please let our office know of any changes.   

Mayor Green said he hoped every resident would take advantage of the Reach Alert System to help keep families safe and to continue to make Salem a great place to live.