Weather Delays Primary Election Filing Deadline Until Monday

Weather Delays Primary Election Filing Deadline Until Monday


Due to the Washington County Commissioner’s closing of government offices today (Friday), the deadline to file for a local office to run for election in the May Primary has been delayed until Monday, Feb. 7 at noon. 

Washington County Clerk Stephanie Rockey said Indiana Code 4-1-2-2 allows for the filing deadline to be changed. 

“If when the office is not open to conduct public business or on a day observed as a holiday under IC 1-1-9, the legal action may be performed:

(1) on the next day that the office is open for public business; or

(2) through noon of the next day that the office is open for public business if the action to be performed is the receipt of a filing.”

The election will still take place on Tuesday, May 3, with polls open from 6a to 6p. 

Rocky also said on WSLM’s Coffee Club in January that the county would be returning to all paper ballots. 

There is now a three-way race for Washington County Sheriff after former Salem Police Officer Roy Overshiner filed this week to seek the Republican Party nomination along with incumbent Brent Miller and Deputy Wayne Blevins. 

John Jeffries filed to seek the office as a Democratic challenger, so no matter who gets the Republican nod for Sheriff on May 3, they will still face off against Jeffries in the fall. 

There will be a race for Recorder with incumbent Greg Ball filing to run again. He will face Sherry Wingler for the Republican nomination. 

In the County Council races, Ryan Watson filed to run for Council District 1 and Gerald Fleming Sr. also filed to seek the Republican nomination. 

There will be a three-way race for Council District 2 in the spring with Tonya Marshall, Joe Walker and Charles McKillip vying for the Republican nomination for the position. 

In state and national government, District 9 Congressman Trey Hollingsworth announced he would not run again for the seat, which left the door open for State Senator Erin Houchin to announce she was going to seek that seat. 

Her last day as District 47 Indiana Senator is Feb. 4 and she will leave before the session ends to run her campaign for congress as well as her communication business, Contend Communications, which aids local officials with press releases. 

Keeley Stingle, current Washington County Council member at large, has announced she will seek election in the Republican caucus for Houchin’s former spot. 

Jay Davisson, son of the late District 69 State Representative Steve Davisson, was caucused in last year to fill his father’s term. 

Davisson has filed to run for the seat on a permanent basis. 

Following is a list of positions that have been filed for so far. 

A comprehensive list will be provided next week. 


  • John P. (Jack) Jeffries- Washington County Sheriff – Democrat


  • Brent Miller- Washington County Sheriff- Republican
  • Wayne Blevins- Washington County Sheriff – Republican
  • Roy A. Overshiner – Washington County Sheriff – Republican 



Kyra Stephenson- Washington County Auditor – Republican


  • Sherry L. Wingler- Washington County Assessor – Republican
  • Gregory L. Ball – Washington County Assessor- Republican 


Terri L. Graves, Washington County Recorder – Republican


Larry W. Medlock- Washington County Circuit Court Judge- Republican

Dustin Houchin – Washington County Superior Court Judge – Republican


Todd Ewen- Washington County Commissioner, Dist. 2- Republican


  • Ryan G. Watson- Washington County Council – District 1- Republican
  • Gerald Fleming, Sr.- County Council, District 1- Republican


  • Tonya Marshall- Washington County Council – District 2 – Republican
  • Forrest (Joe) Walker, Jr.- County Council, District 2- Republican
  • Charles A. (Chuck) McKillip II- County Council, District 2 – Republican


Preston L. Shell, County Council – District 3 – Republican

Karen Wischmeier- County Council, District 4 – Republican 


  • Randall Bills, Convention Delegate – Republican
  • Tara Coats Hunt- State Delegate, At-Large – Republican
  • Dustin Houchin- State Delegate – Republican
  • Erin Houchin- State Delegate – Republican
  • Claire Houchin- State Delegate – Republican
  • Stephanie K. Rockey- State Delegate – Republican
  • Keeley R. Stingel- State Convention Delegate- Republican
  • Nathan Bills- State Delegate – Republican
  • John W. Mead- State Delegate- Republican
  • Michael Davisson- State Delegate- Republican



J. Michael Davisson, State Representative, District 69 – Republican

Erin Houchin – US Congress, 9th District – Republican

Keeley Stingle, Indiana Senate, District 47 – Republican 



  • Dorothy Fleenor- Gibson Township Advisory Board – Democrat
  • William R. Yates, Jackson Township Advisory  Board – Democrat
  • Steve Johnson, Gibson Township Advisory  Board – Democrat
  • Earlene Silverthorn- Howard Township Advisory Board – Democrat
  • Roy M. Dick- Jackson Township Advisory  Board – Democrat
  • Thomas Guthrie- Brown Township Advisory  Board – Democrat
  • Jerome Jacobi- Posey Township Advisory Board- Democrat
  • Gary D. Chastain- Brown Township Advisory Board- Democrat
  • David A. Routh- Vernon Township Advisory Board – Democrat
  • Rhonda Chastain- Vernon Township Advisory Board – Democrat
  • Tammy S. Worley- Madison Township Advisory Board – Democrat


  • Randy D. Roberts – Brown Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Rhodes V. Meadors- Franklin Township Advisory Board – Republican 
  • David Duff, Jr.- Howard Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • William Craig Martin- Jackson Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Shannon D. Sullivan – Jefferson Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Jamie A. Bennett- Jefferson Twp. Advisory Board – Republican 
  • Jason J. Linscott- Jefferson Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Brian L. Blevins- Madison Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Sharon S. Dennis- Madison Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Bruce E. Snider- Washington Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • D Jack Mahuron- Washington Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Randy Bills- Washington Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Norman E. Souder- Washington Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Jeffrey W. Pickerill- Pierce Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Scott K. Miller- Pierce Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Stephen E. Purlee- Pierce Township Advisory Board – RepublicanJeremy Souder- Polk Township Advisory Board – Republican 
  • David R. Hurst, Polk Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Eric N. Albertson- Polk Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Marvin Butch Jenks- Posey Township Advisory Board – Republican 
  • Tara Lehman- Posey Township Advisory Board – Republican
  • Tim Combs- Polk Township Advisory Board  – Republican


  • Marnie Bennett- Jefferson Township Trustee- Democrat
  • Kathleen Zelivetz- Howard Township Trustee- Democrat
  • Marsha Guthrie- Vernon Township Trustee- Democrat


  • Cameron Stahl- Polk Township. Trustee – Republican 
  • Amy D. Cornett- Monroe Township Trustee – Republican 
  • Jeff Clem- Pierce Township Trustee – Republican
  • Clair Sullivan (Jr.)- Polk Township Trustee – Republican 
  • Brenna LaDuke- Pierce Township Trustee – Republican 
  • Sue A. Bennett- Brown Township Trustee – Republican 
  • Ken Armstrong- Posey Township Trustee – Republican 
  • Steven L. Anderson- Franklin Township Trustee- Republican
  • Joshua G. Anderson- Washington Township Trustee- Republican
  • P Matthew Incantalopo- Jackson Township Trustee – Republican 
  • Lee Badger- Madison Township Trustee – Republican 
  • Jennifer M. Bowers- Monroe Township Trustee – Republican
  • Rachel Wischmeier- Gibson Township Trustee – Republican
  • Andrew T. Knapp- Jefferson Township Trustee – Republican