“Communities across the country, from South Texas to Southern Indiana, deserve better,” – Rep. Houchin.

Rep. Houchin touring the unaccompanied minors facility where U.S. Border Patrol agents have found children abandoned at the border or used as a distraction by the cartels, including a five year old.

On Monday, March 6, Congresswoman Erin Houchin (R-Ind.-09) visited the southern border in Uvalde and Eagle Pass, Texas. The trip occurs as Americans across the country face the consequences of President Biden’s growing border crisis.

“I’ve said it countless times — the Biden border crisis has made every state, including Indiana, a border state. During the visit, I heard story after story about the complications of having a wide-open southern border from local leaders, residents, law enforcement officers, and border patrol agents. We heard parents no longer let their kids play outside for fear of an interaction with a smuggler or dangerous migrant. We heard from ranchers who used to warn their children to look out for rattlesnakes and are now far more concerned of encounters with illegal migrants. We heard from law enforcement and border patrol agents alike that the cartels in Mexico have more resources to evade capture than they have to ensure safety.

Rep. Houchin at a local ranch in Eagle Pass, Texas that has become a hotspot for illegal border crossing with the Rio Grande River.

“Seeing it firsthand has only reaffirmed the true magnitude of the problem we are facing at our southern border and the need for President Biden to act. The President has said the border is secure. Respectfully, if the President took time to visit Eagle Pass and Uvalde to see what I saw, he would disagree. The southern border is not secure. When President Biden stopped construction on the border wall and discontinued plans for added personnel and technology, he opened the floodgates to dangerous drugs, criminals, and human smugglers coming across the border into the United States. Communities across the country, from South Texas to Southern Indiana, deserve better,” said Congresswoman Houchin.

During the trip, Congresswoman Houchin engaged with border patrol agents, local elected officials, law enforcement officers, first responders, and local property owners to hear how the crisis at our southern border is affecting our country’s safety every day.

Houchin near a section of unfinished border wall.