Engleking Pleas, Sentenced to 15 Years For Dealing Meth

Engleking Pleas, Sentenced to 15 Years For Dealing Meth


Washington County Prosecutor Tara Coats Hunt said Elijah Engleking, 37, Crandal, Indiana, entered a plea agreement on drug-related charges that will be served in the Indiana Department of Corrections. 

Engleking, who was arrested in 2021 by the Salem Police Department and Washington County Sheriff’s Department, pled guilty to dealing in methamphetamine, burglary, and theft and has been sentenced to 15 years to be served concurrently. 

“Drug crimes are not victimless,” said Prosecutor Hunt. “They have a rippling effect on all layers of our community and often go hand in hand with specific victim crimes such as burglary and theft.”  

Engleking was sentenced in March at the Washington County Superior Court after pleading guilty to a Level 2 felony charge of dealing in methamphetamine, a Class 5 charge of burglary, and a Class 6 charge of theft to be served concurrently.   

Engleking was arrested in July 2021 when deputies responded to a report of burglary earlier in the day.

The vehicle involved in the burglary was located and the deputy followed the vehicle until it pulled into a nearby driveway.

Engleking exited the vehicle and was patted down, he had a scale with white powder residue in his back pants pocket.

While searching the vehicle drug paraphernalia was found and clear glass containers of brown powder substance and white crystal substance.

He was found with 35 grams of Methamphetamine and 12 grams of Heroin.

Engleking was sentenced to 15 years to serve in the IDOC. He has agreed to pay $8,024.72 in restitution to the victims. These restitution payments will be made through the office of the Washington County Clerk-Criminal Division. 

“We commend the officers involved and appreciate the work we can do together to keep these dangerous drugs out of our community,” said Prosecutor Hunt. “We take each case seriously and thank the Washington County officers for their role in bringing this case to resolution.”