Lexington Man Running for President in 2024

Lexington Man Running for President in 2024


Robert Quigley, born in Lexington KY, currently residing in Washington, DC, announces his run for the White House in the 2024 elections as America’s
Independent candidate.

His campaign started April 1, 2022 and has raised $25 Million in donation pledges so far.

The Robert Quigley For President Campaign is seeking 500 local Campaign Directors in
every city across America. Pay is $50,000 and 25% of all funds raised.

They are actively recruiting entrepreneurs and volunteers to help staff the campaign, to help staff leadership positions and donors that want to solve America’s problems.

“If you have come to the realization that 175 years of Democrat & Republican rule has brought catastrophe to most of the US population with 162 million working adults living paycheck to paycheck, with millions striving to own businesses, with global warming, with inadequate homeownership opportunities, with burdensome student loans, with crushing inflationary prices and or with crippling medical care, then join the cause,” said Quigley.

“Together let’s make America work for all citizens,” he added. “America is at a crossroads. Extremism and authoritarianism are not acceptable.”

Quigley said  Independents are problem solvers, centrist, negotiators and team builders.

“We succeed with deep analysis, compromise and listening,” he said. “44% of recently polled voters plan to vote independent or 3rd party in 2024. 75% of voters hate democrats and republicans. 49% of all voters are registered independent.”

Quigley is currently on the ballot in 44 states as a write-in candidate.

Five states will print his name on ballot so far.

This gives him access to 506 Electoral College votes with 270 needed to win.

“The status quo is coming to an end,” he said, of the hard-fought battle for an Independent candidate to rise up through the ranks of traditional politics. 

For more information, visit RobertQuigleyForPresident.Com